“Knowing where your meat comes from and how it's been reared gives you real peace of mind”

Where It All Started:

Where a passion began and a lifestyle grew

We are a husband and wife team who live in Bovey Tracey, Devon, where we farm on the edge of Dartmoor.

In 2001 we moved to Bovey Tracey and in the spring of 2002 we started up our own gardening & agricultural business and in 2009 were able to purchase a small starter flock & rent 10 acres. Now in 2020 we have lambed 90 ewes and rent 57 acres in the surrounding area, just off Dartmoor.

In 2019 we lambed 85 ewes. We started with a mixed flock but as we have grown we are now concentrating on Mashams, Dorsets and a Bleu de Maine cross.

Bringing you right up to date, this March, 2020, we have started lambing our 90 Mashams, Dorsets and Bleu de Maine cross ewes.

Back in Nov ’16 we had our first crop of pure Dorset lambs and we are hoping to expand our Dorset flock each season, hopefully lambing this flock three times in two years which means fresh Devon Lamb all year round.

With the uncertainty of the Brexit market and the concern of cheap and low standard imported meat, it’s important to buy locally produced lamb.

 The fields where our sheep graze allow well-established herbs and grasses to grow naturally which enhances the flavour of the meat.