Meat Products

Whole Lamb Meat Pack:

2 Legs
2 Shoulders
24 Chops
2 Neck Chops
Pack of mince
2 Kidneys


Half Lamb Meat Pack

1 Leg
1 Shoulder
12 Chops
2 Neck Chops
Pack of mince
1 Kidney
½ A Liver
Heart If Required


Pack of 8 lamb sausages £6.50

Pack of 4 lamb burgers £5.50

Whole or Half Joints Available

Mutton Available on Request

Customised orders available. Small or large packs customised for you. Fresh or frozen depending on the time of year.

Enquire for delivery for orders over 25 miles away from Bovey Tracey:

Availability: All year round, normally frozen, but if ordered in advance the meat can be fresh.

Commercial Lamb Meat

For commercial meat orders please contact us. We can cater for your regular commercial lamb meat needs.